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Mechanical rotary tables SOTECO

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The mechanical rotary indexing tabies transform a continuous rotary motion, given by an external in an intermittent rotary motion.
This is possible thanks to a "mixed profile cam" helicoidal during the phase of the plate transfer and straight ( pitch=O) during the stop-phase of the same plate.
This cam can be considered the "heart" of the indexing table , it receives the continuous rotary motion transforming it in an intermittent rotary motion. The mechanical rotary indexing tables SO.TE.CO. are designed and built in a very solid way, its mechanic is simple and mainly accurate, ali these characteristics permit to achieve: - high indexing rotation of the plate
- transfer phase always under cam mechanical control,either in acceleration or in deceleration phase
- high angular accuracy of indexing
- silent running
- constant indexing time
- rotation reversibility
Many are the ways to employ SO.TE.CO. tables. They can be foreseen on manual or automatic assembling machines, drilling or tapping machines, for conveyors, selections or feeding of parts, for whatever operation where an accurate and fast transfer is required.