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Index tables

Precision index rotative table
- TYPE TPR = Pneumatic indexing tabe
- TYPE TIR = Hydraulic indexing tabe
- TYPE TMD = Indexing tabe with hydraulic or pneumatic locking, with mechanic rotation.
The indexing positions are obtained by face gears similar to a curvic coupling type "HIRTH" Our method of construction allows for the separation of the contact surfaces of the tabe from the housing (by .05 to . 1 mm.).
This cuts down on wear during rotation. prevents the entry of impurities and guarantees maximum precision rotational directions: clockwise, anticlockwise and 2 positions (1800 apart).

CNC index table
CNC rotary tables have been created to be used as 4th axis on CNC machines; they can be supplied to be used with horizontal axis or vertical axis and are avaílable in following versions:
TE type = index table with Hirt coupling (gears = 120 teeth; index precision = ± 5", ± 10'), with hydraulic or pneumatic locking and rotation by means of helical gear and worm screw.
TEC type = stepless rotation table; rotation obtained by a coupling of very high precision screw/gear, with compensation of backlash; hydraulic or pneumatic locking of top table. Index precision =± 15".